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      We are proud to announce that as of February 3, 2020 Happy Bud Hemp will begin accepting applications for our Happy Budz Hemp Hardship Program! We will be assigning 5% of our profits each month to go towards offsetting the cost of the Happy Budz Hemp Hardship Program. 

      This program is designed to help individuals that are experiencing a financial hardship and cannot currently afford our hemp flower at retail prices. If you, or a someone you know, requires the use of hemp flower on a routine basis to help treat their anxiety, epilepsy, pain, sleep issues, etc, and has experienced a financial hardship, please complete the application form below. 

      For those of you that have the means and would like to help provide financial support to the HBH Hardship program, we have created a fun way to donate! We have 3 unique donation tiers that you can buy to help provide hemp flower to individuals that cannot afford it! 

      Click to view our active Donor List  


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